Yol Arkadaşı 2021 Baygenç Yayınevi

In your absence, my dream,
I exist with your presence, my love!
In your hands, my dear,
Your gaze is love,
In your eyes, I have my world.
Deep in my heart,
In every drop of my blood,
You are the breath I take.
The laughter on my lips,
And the tears I keep in my eyes.
In my mind,
And in my thoughts...
Painting and poetry are relatives. In my opinion, a poet is a bit of a painter, and a painter is a lot of a poet... Welcome Erol Altunay, who is both a painter and a poet, from the world of colors to the world of love...

Kurtuluş Yolu - Samsun'dan Amasya'ya

While being beaten by Sancak, Black and Large Waves Approached the Shore
A Ship with a Length of Forty-Seven Meters Also Arrived
And it had Seventy Centimeters.
It had the name "Panderma" by the Special Administration
This ship was taken from Greece
In the year 1910, it became Bandırma
Nine years later, the hope it would carry
The ship was forty-one years old
The fatigue of forty-one years on its shoulders